Monday, July 25, 2011

Canvas Sayings Tutorial

I love vinyl, but I am terrified of it. Terrified of using it because it is way more expensive than some of the other mediums that can be used. When Lu, came to visit me last month, she set out to cure me of my fear, using contact paper instead. I fell in love, it is a simple, cheaper way of making crafts.

For this project you will need:
A canvas
contact paper
Either a stencil and X-acto knife or a craft cutter like a Silhouette

If you don't have a craft cutter, you can still make this project. You can print out the letters in a font you like and then use your knife to cut out the contact paper, using the printout as a pattern. I am lucky enough to have a husband who got sick of my whining and bought me a Silhouette, so I cut my project using that.

Before you apply the contact paper to your canvas you will need to decide what colors you want it to be. If you want white letters, you can skip painting the canvas, if you want another colors letters you need to paint the entire canvas that color before you apply your contact paper letters.

Apply the contact paper to your canvas. Some people like to use transfer tape, I actually had better success placing the letters individually. After they are on your canvas, flip it over and rub a Popsicle stick over the back to make sure the letters are firmly on the canvas.
After you letters are stuck to the canvas, paint over the entire thing. Be care around the edges of the letters, to not accidentally pull them up.
After the canvas is COMPLETELY dry, pull the letters off and you have a gorgeous canvas to hang in your home. I hung my canvas in my bedroom and I love the way it looks. This saying has special meaning to my husband and I because it was something the man who married us said to us during our ceremony. He told us that it was no longer time to keep trying to find the one we loved but love the one you find.
What sayings would you put on canvas?
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