Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tasty Tuesdays- Tuna Noodle

This simple meal of pasta, tuna and vegetables was one of my mom's go to meals growing up because it is easy and doesn't require one of the more expensive meats. If you love tuna, you will love this.

First you will need to cook a package of noodles according to package directions, then make a white sauce, which is what my family calls basic white gravy.

White Sauce:
1 stick butter
2 heaping Tablespoons flour
Let these mix for a minute
Then add 2 cups milk
Let simmer until thick

When the sauce is done, put it in the same pot with the noodles, add a can of tuna and a small bag of frozen vegetables, no need to thaw, and stir together until everything is nice a hot. Even though there is no need to thaw the vegetables, sometimes I will run them under water so the ice melting doesn't cause extra water in the dish. It is a simple dish, but actually one of my favorites. I hope you like it too.
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