Wednesday, July 20, 2011

WotW: Take a hike!

It's summer... so who wants to be inside on the computer when we can be outside enjoying the sun? Or at least enjoying the sun as long as it stays tolerable... so in the mornings and evenings...

Anyway, if hiking is your summer pastime, try one of these sites to find a great hike near you. Your results from each site will obviously vary based on your location -- you may find better results on a more local state or city website.

REI Family Adventure Program: Select your state, then your city and the hike you'd like to take to see the details of the hike -- distance, difficulty, etc -- plus driving directions and other tips (such as the all-important restroom availability :).
Natural Wildlife Federation's Nature Find: Enter your location to find parks, trails, and other nature sites near you.

LocalHikes: Select your area or search to find a hike near your home/work. Listings are volunteer-submitted and include difficulty, distance, time, and a scenery ranking.

Sierra Club Trails: Find a trail near your location, or find an outing arranged by your local Sierra Club chapter.

Or, if you'd like an extended hike and a vacation, check out the American Hiking Society Volunteer Vacation and spend a week with a group of like-minded hikers maintaining and creating trails through national forests.

Now GO! Get outside. We'll spend more time online once the rains return...

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