Wednesday, July 27, 2011

WotW: This to That

As summer continues on (or winds up, depending on whether your schedule revolves around the school system like mine), a myriad of fix-it projects turn up. If your house is like ours, some of these are must-do projects, like patching that whole in the window screen so the $#@$# mosquitoes will stop eating us alive (done but the tribe of mosquitoes have very good hiding spots...) or been-waiting-forever projects, like hanging that shelf (also done!).

But with summer fun often comes summer oopses that need fixed too -- split wiffle balls, ripped camping chairs, etc. -- and, of course, the fun summer projects like much-needed bug catchers. As you're fixing and waxing creative this summer, if you're wondering the best way to affix [this] to [that]... check out This to That, the glue advice website.

It's simple: just choose your [this] and [that] materials from the list and click Let's Glue! to see one or more recommended adhesives and tips for working with your chosen materials.

For some situations, you'll also see specific advice for common glue situations, such as rear view mirrors.

The crafters among us may be interested to know that ModPodge and E6000 seem to be missing from the website... and those two will glue just about anything! :)

Despite the missing ModPodge, the site is useful as well as fun: check out some of the glue trivia as well as their gluing philosophy (and tips) -- and don't miss the (partly) random FAQ section!

What are you gluing this summer?

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