Monday, August 29, 2011

Twisted Ribbon Roses- No Sew

These Twisted Ribbon Roses are no sew, easy to make, pretty and different. Add them to a hair clip or glue them directly onto a bag to create a perfect accent.

You will need:
Three Paper Clips
A length of ribbon, there is no exact amount but I usually use about 30 inches
hot glue

First of all, straighten the paper clips as straight as possible, they don't need to be perfect. 
Hot glue them into a star type pattern.
Hot glue the end of your ribbon to the back of the paperclips.
Start wrapping the ribbon around the paper clips. Go over the first paperclip, and then wrap it all the way around the first paperclip. Go under the next paper clip, doubling back to wrap all the way around the next paper clip. Repeat every other time, making sure the each time you completely wrap around the paperclip, just changing whether you start you loop, over or under the clip. I continue this until I use almost all of my ribbon.
Hot glue the end to the back of your rose and then bend the left over paperclips to the back of the flower.
Then hot glue a hair clip to the back, or glue the rose directly onto a item to dress it up a bit. You can add a button or jewel to the middle of the flower if you want, but I have found that these roses actually stand on their own really well.
What would you use your roses for?

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