Wednesday, August 10, 2011

WoW: Blogger and Blogger in Draft

If you're a long-time reader or if you've ever emailed me (feel free! with a question about Blogger, you've probably heard me mention Blogger in Draft.

In a nutshell, Blogger in Draft is where new Blogger features come first to be tested by those who choose to use Blogger in Draft instead of regular Blogger. After some testing and tweaking, these new features are then either implemented into regular Blogger so that everyone sees/uses them or removed entirely from Blogger in Draft - back to the drawing board!

Up until a few months ago, the biggest differences between the regular Blogger publishing interface and the Blogger in Draft publishing interface was features -- small tweaks to existing features or new features. 

But... a few months ago, the Blogger team rolled out an entirely new interface for Blogger in Draft! So instead of seeing the same old Blogger like this... get to see (and use) a newer, streamlined, and, in my opinion, purtier Blogger:

And with the new and purtier Blogger, the new and purtier post editor:

To try out Blogger in Draft, just go to and log in using your regular Blogger account. You can always switch back to regular Blogger by logging in the regular site ( instead. You can even cherry pick and use Blogger in Draft for some features and switch back to regular Blogger for some features that might still be buggy in Draft.

Speaking of bugs... that's the one caution I would give about using Blogger in Draft. It's a testing ground, and even the prettiest testing grounds can have bugs or minor glitches. I've experienced very few glitches personally, but the interface does change fairly often -- a new button, a button removed, something or other shifted here or there, etc. To me, the interface updates aren't a big deal, but if minor changes like that will bother you, you're probably best off to stick to using regular Blogger.

And, just in case you're concerned, switching from using Blogger to Draft as a blog author won't make any difference to your readers -- they'll still see your posts and access your blog just the same, regardless of which interface you're using to write and publish the new posts.

So, what are you waiting for?? Go take a tour of Blogger in Draft. If you like it, you can stay and play. And, if not, you've had a nice little sight-seeing tour. :) Feel free to stop back or email me and ask any questions you might have.

Lu (or Lorene if you prefer) is the mom of one squirmy boy and the wife of a singing and dancing elementary teacher. She is the proud author of this weekly Wednesdays on the Web (WotW) segment here on Housewife Eclectic and spends the other days of the week blogging about crafts and whatever else comes up at just Lu. Contact her at with questions or topic suggestions.
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