Wednesday, August 17, 2011

WoW: dafont (my favorite things #1)

Happy Wednesday! My little bundle of joy arrived this weekend, so while we're adjusting to our new addition (and kissing her little cheeks all over all the time!), I though it would be fun to share some of my favorite things with you. It's like Oprah (may she, er, her show, rest in peace), only better because they're all FREE! [That's right, I just said I'm better than Oprah. You can quote me on it ;)]
typography canvas by tenderbeasts on etsy
It's okay... you can sing the song. :)

Favorite Thing: dafont
I think I've mentioned this before, but I am font junkie. I have over 800 fonts installed on my computer right now... and I install at least 10 per week on average. Between my wannabe designer projects and the things I can do with my Silhouette machine, I am firmly addicted to dafont!

This addiction could become costly except for the fact that I get (almost) all of my fonts from and they're all free! (And, like always, I'm not getting paid to say any of this. :)

There are many places to get free fonts online, but dafont is my main go-to resource. Why?
  1. HUGE selection of fonts
  2. many categories to browse based on the "feel" I want
  3. super easy font preview so I can see the exact phrase I'll be using instead of just the title of the font

In my opinion, nothing gives away the fact that you did something yourself like using a really common font. If I get one more wedding invitation using Papyrus or an elementary school flyer using Comic Sans... my head might explode. A great and not common font is a make-or-break thing in my world.

I know that sounds extreme, but why use a so-so font when a *fantastic* font is SO easy to download and use?? Just download, unzip, and install the font file. If that sound like Greek, there are more detailed instructions here. :)

So, head on over to dafont and start looking. I'm sure you'll find a font (or a hundred) that you love! To get you started, here are some of my (current) favorites:

And if you want some other opinions, check out the fab font roundups from the girls at eighteen25. Happy font finding! :) 

Please note that many dafont fonts are free for personal use only. That means that if you are using the font for a commercial project of any kind, you need to purchase a commercial license. Information about font licenses can be found either on the font's page at dafont or in a terms of use type document that comes with the font when you download it. If you'll be using the font for non-personal use, please make sure to follow the creator's terms of use!

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