Wednesday, August 24, 2011

WoW: Fire Gestures (my favorite things #2)

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I'm back today with another of my favorite things -- a browser add-on! When we first talked about add-ons waaay back when, I told you about some of my favorites, and today I have another fantastic add-on to help you love your browser a little bit more... as long as your browser is Firefox. Sorry. :(   

(A browser add-on is a little app that you install in your browser that gives you some awesome capabilities... check out this post to learn a little bit more about add-ons.)

When I left my office job two years ago for my full-time home job, I went through a phase of office-mouse envy (also office-chair envy, but that's beside the point). My office-mouse had extra buttons on the side that were shortcuts for common commands, such as going back a page in my browser or opening a new tab.

At home with my plain ol' mouse, I was wasting all that energy actually moving my mouse to click buttons (not to mention the risk of developing carpal tunnel syndrome!) until I found FireGestures.

FireGestures is a Firefox add-on that allows you to create and execute various commands within your browser just by using your mouse. Not by clicking buttons. :)

The app is easy to use and customizable for pretty much any command you can think of in your browser. To start customizing FireGestures for yourself [once you've installed the app (and I get NO compensation other than warm fuzzies if you do install it)], just go to Tools > Add-Ons and click Options under the FireGestures heading...

and then (on the Mapping tap) select the command that you want to set the gesture for and click Edit...

Then, in the provided area, make whatever gesture you'd like to make when you want to execute that command (such as right clicking and moving the mouse left to go back a page):

Easy, eh? What command do you use most often in your browser?

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