Thursday, September 22, 2011

Photo Ideas- Chalk Art Photos

I don't know about your kid, but my kid isn't a fan of pictures. She thinks they are a great idea until I expect her to sit still and smile and then she comes unglued. I am always looking for cute photo ideas that are easy to pull off and kids love. Chalk art is both.
My daughter loved the chalk art pictures so much that she didn't try to run out of my frame and she was all giggles. I let her help me color in the letters and crown beforehand, which she was thrilled about. It also made me realize that white chalk and black shirt weren't the best combination. :)

This whole shoot probably took us 15 minutes. 5 minutes to draw the chalk drawings and 10 to shoot photos. She was so thrilled to be playing with chalk that I could have taken 100 more pictures of her and she wouldn't have even noticed.
We went with two different chalk art ideas, her name and a chalk art crown. What girl doesn't love a crown?
What chalk art pictures are you going to take of your kid?
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