Monday, September 5, 2011

Picture necklace and the best place to get pictures for lockets

I am amazed by the whole world around me. I am amazed by people who are able to keep moving through adversity. I made this simple necklace for a dear friend of mine who I thought could use a boost from the adversities in her life.
 It is made from a letter bead, a simple picture frame charm and a 9mm jewelry ring. You can find these small picture frame charms at Hobby Lobby, six pieces for $2.99. They are perfect for making a necklace personal. I bought a slide type bead that had that same child's initial on it and put it on a chain I made, put you could make this necklace with almost any kind of bead. If you want to know how to make your own necklace chains, go here.

After you have a picture in your small frame, open up a 9mm ring and slide the frame onto it. You are going to want to open the ring up enough that you will be able to slip the two ends of the ring into the holes in the bead. After you slide each end into either side of the bead, take a pair of pliers and squeeze the ring as tightly to the bead as possible, to keep it from slipping out in the future.
If you are like me, finding a picture small enough for a locket is usually the hardest part. I had locket after locket as a child without pictures in them because I could never find pictures with faces small enough in them. I have found that thumbnail prints are the PERFECT solution. If I have a picture that I want in a locket, I will order a 4x6 from a place that I know includes thumbnail prints with all of their prints, in the case below, Shutterfly. I can then cut out the small picture from the thumbnails and put it in my locket.

This necklace is perfect for grandmas and many can be made for an affordable price, especially if you make your own chains! Who would you make one for?
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