Wednesday, September 14, 2011

WoW: W3Schools (my favorite things #5)

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I like to dabble in web design*. But web design and its accompanying HTML are complex beasts who are best tamed by regular association... more often than just when I'm ready to update the look of my blog. :) So what's a web design dabbler to do when she's forgotten which tag goes where and with what and why...?

Well, this web design dabbler turns to W3Schools.

W3Schools is a phenomenal resource for everyone interested in web design (and programming*), from dabblers like me clear up to web professionals. (While W3Schools' materials cover most programming languages, I've only used their HTML and CSS resources, so that's what I'll be sharing with you today.)

So, why do I love W3Schools? To put it simply...

Their tutorials rock. my. socks. (which are striped today, if it matters)

Each tutorial is simple to follow and provides concise explanations of what does what and why. And -- this is my favorite! -- each tutorial has a "try it yourself" section for you to test what you've learned, to actually use the code and see what the result is:
try it yourself here and see all of the test sections here
Even if you're scared of the big bad HTML monster, W3Schools tutorials are for you. Just start at the first tutorial and work through lesson by lesson until you've conquered mean ol' HTML. And if you're really serious about becoming a proficient web designer (or programmer*), you can certify online (for a fee).

So, now you have no reason for not learning HTML... if you want to. :)

*Please, don't confuse web design with web programming. If all you are using is HTML and/or CSS... that's design, not programming. Thanks to the team of true web programmers I used to work with, I now know the difference... and dream of someday being a web programmer. :)

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