Thursday, October 6, 2011

Baby in a Pumpkin- Photo Ideas

One of my favorite thing about October, is baby pumpkin pictures. During my daughter's first year, I couldn't wait for October to come around so we could take pumpkin pictures. We took these pictures when she was about 10 months old and they are still some of my favorites. Pumpkins make a cute prop that can be used in many different settings. I love pumpkins because they can be dressed up, used in a western scene, used with Halloween costumes, or my favorite, used simply as a single prop.
When you use a pumpkin with a simple outfit and no other prop, it makes it stand out and becomes a focal point instead of fading into the background. You can use pumpkin a couple of ways as a single prop in a photo, if a baby is just learning to stand on things, a pumpkin can be a great way to capture a cute standing photo.
My favorite way to use a pumpkin is cut out with the baby sitting inside. To take this kind of pumpkin picture, find a large pumpkin and cut open the entire top of the pumpkin so you have a large enough place for the baby to sit. Clean it out as well as you can, the cleaner the pumpkin, the less unhappy the baby is going to be to sit inside it. If you baby is to large to fit in the pumpkin, you can cut leg holes to give them a little bit more room.
After you take the baby out of the pumpkin, hand the baby the top of the pumpkin and snap a few more photos. This is also a good time to put on their Halloween costume. You don't want to put the baby in the pumpkin in their costume, because no matter how well you clean the pumpkin it will still be a little gooey.
Pumpkins are the perfect October prop. It works best with infants 6-12 months old, but can be used for older children as long as you can find a big enough pumpkin, and there are some pretty big pumpkins out there. ;)
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