Monday, October 3, 2011

Book Page Pumpkins

I love fall, it makes me want to curl up with a good book and a cup of cider and if that book turns out to be not so good, you have a easy craft on your hands. Book Page Pumpkins are an easy, thrifty and cute craft, the perfection addition to Month 'O Pumpkin.
They cost me about .5 a piece and an hour or so to make. They will cost you more or less depending on what you have on hand.

You will need:
A hardback book, with the cover removed (May I suggest the Reader's Digest Condensed books? They are usually super cheap at the thrift store and are just perfect for this craft.)
Orange Spray Paint
Green Ribbon
Two Twigs
Hot Glue Gun

The very first thing you are going to need to is make your template. You will need to looks something like this below, with one flat side and one curved side.
Place the flatside of your template against the binding of your book and trace around it.
Using scissors, cut around your template. I tried and exacto knife but scissors really were the most accurate, so I cut a few pages at a time until I cut through the whole book. Cutting is where you spend the bulk of your time on this project.
A five hundred page book is big enough to make two medium pumpkins, so if you want, you can rip your book in half.
Hot glue the stem to the binding of the book and then bend the binding back around on itself and hot glue the pages and binding together where they meet.
At this point, your pumpkins are ready for spray paint. Spray the pumpkins, holding your paint about 6 inches away, focusing on the edges of the pages.
After you allow your pumpkins to dry, add green ribbon to the stems to act as leaves and you have a darling pumpkin decoration that everyone will ask you about and the great thing about this decoration is that it can be both a Halloween decoration and a harvest decoration, so you can keep it out for two months.

This craft is the first post in Housewife Eclectic's Month 'O Pumpkin series, stick around for guest bloggers,crafts and recipes all centered around Pumpkins. 

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