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WoW: Amazon Mom (my favorite things #9)

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Last week I told you about how I use Swagbucks to earn Amazon gift cards. Why do I choose Amazon gift cards though?

Well, first of all, because you can find anything on Amazon. I am a firm believer in that principle.

But, most importantly, because I love free shipping.

You can pay an annual fee to become a member of Amazon Prime and enjoy free standard shipping benefits that way... or you can join Amazon Mom for free and get up to a year's worth of Amazon Prime benefits, plus other awesome discounts.

No catch. Really.

Sign up for Amazon Mom here. You're eligible as long as you are in some way a caretaker of a child (read full terms here -- and if you're not eligible, you might be eligible for Amazon Student or a free trial of Amazon Prime).

Just for signing up, you get 3 months of Amazon Prime free two-day shipping.

Then, for every $25 you spend in the Amazon Baby Store, your free shipping benefits are extended another month, for up to a year of benefits.

Amazon has great prices on their diapers and wipes through the Subscribe and Save program, so I purchase my diapers from them. Combine the 15% off from Amazon Mom and the 15% off from Subscribe and Save, and my diapers and wipes are delivered regularly to my door for less than I can drive and buy them from a big box store.

Update: Effective October 13, 2011 (just the day after I first posted this!), Amazon decreased their Subscribe and Save discounts for new subscriptions. Now the highest discount you can receive (on a new subscription)  is 20% -- 15% for being a member of Amazon Mom and 5% for using the Subscribe and Save feature. Bummer.

And... diapers/wipes are from the Baby Store, bada bing, extended free shipping benefits. Because shopping online is generally only a good deal if you don't have to pay shipping (or, if you have to pay only shipping ;)

And the Amazon subscriptions are SO easy to use. You can cancel at any time, no penalty, and they email you before you next shipment is scheduled so you can cancel or delay the shipment as needed (such as if you find a better deal on diapers elsewhere and stock up :). And if you find that you're running low and will need more sooner than the next scheduled shipment, you can just tell them to send the shipment sooner. Easy peasy!

If I were a really frugal person, I would use my free Amazon cards from Swagbucks to buy diapers. But that is no fun, and my diaper budget is bigger than my fun budget.... so I pay for my diapers and use my Swagbucks cards for the fun stuff. :) (Just be sure that you don't have any credits in your Amazon account when your next subscription shipment is being billed, because Amazon automatically uses account credit and then bills the rest to your credit card.)

Some days it's just nice to know that, in addition to, you know, eternal love from my children, there are other benefits to being a mom, too. :)

Disclosure: I receive no compensation for telling you about Amazon Mom. You can read the full details and FAQ about Amazon Mom here, straight from their site.

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