Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Christmas Giving Tree- A Service Centered Christmas

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Ever since Black Friday I have been thinking about the materialism of Christmas. The store I happened to be at on Black Friday was chaos with greed. I couldn't even enjoy the fun of shopping as I watched people leave one of the stores in ambulances, I wondered what had happened to such a wonderful holiday.

 With Christmas comes  candy, delicious foods, presents and Santa. This year is the first year that my little girl is really getting buying into Santa. We talk about what she is going to ask him for when she sees him and how we are going to write him a letter. This year is going to be truly magical at our house, but even with the magic of leaving cookies for Santa, I want my little girl to see the magic of serving. The joy that comes from helping those around you.

This is our Christmas Giving Tree. He is nothing super fancy, just brown paper and paint but he holds the message I hope to teach my child this holiday season. The true joy of Christmas comes from serving. We have cut out a bunch of red circles and every day we are going to look for a way to help someone. When we do an act of service we write it on one of the red ornaments and stick it to the tree. A visual reminder to her that acts of service are even more important than presents.
I hope as you start your preparations for Christmas that you will find some ways to serve those around you. Merry Christmas!
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