Wednesday, November 16, 2011

WoW: Open a Link in a New Window -- Hallelujah!

If you've been hanging around here more than 6 months, you may remember that I am conceited and published my own Gospel (of Links) back in March. And, if you actually read that series, you may remember that we talked about using the fiery tags of HTML to make links open in new windows.

But now, the Google gods have listened and, hallelujah! No more do we Blogger-mortals have to manually add HTML to have a link open in a new window!

Now, when you create a link, just click the "Open link in new window" box:

So much better, right?

And to have an image link open in a new tab, just hover over the image and click Edit Link in the small menu that shows up, and then check the same "Open link in new window" box.

Note: this feature works for me whether I am logged in to Blogger or Blogger in Draft, so it appears to be a full-fledged feature and not a testing feature... let me know if you don't see it in your Blogger interface. :)

Quick review of when to use this new power (for good and not for evil)
When a link (image or text) is going to take readers outside of your blog, it's probably good to have that link open in a new tab. Meaning, it's my personal preference as a reader. But... you can read the full details here of why this may or may not actually be important to you on your blog.

And, if you're new or need a refresher, you can (re)read the my four-part Gospel of Links, According to Lu series:
Peace, prosperity, and happy linking!

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