Friday, December 2, 2011

3..2...1... Confess! + Link Up!

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I confess I just got this awesome green and yellow Green Bay Packers looking sweater in the mail. So it is 80 degrees and I am wearing a sweater because I love it. Hey fashion before comfort, right?
I confess this year I am really working on giving all of my close friends personal gifts. I think it has made my love for each friend grow as I have thought about what to get or make them. It has also make me laugh like a crazy person a few times. I have some crazy friends.

I confess I love that it is officially December so I can be all Christmasy and people can just be happy about it. No more scowls for singing Christmas songs in the middle of the grocery store. Wait? You mean they are glaring just because I am singing? Spoil sports.

I confess my Christmas shopping is done! It is a good feeling to be all done! Now I just hope the postal service plays nice and gets everything here on time, but considering one of my daughter's birthday presents I ordered a month ago is still not here I won't hold my breath until I pass out.

I confess my two-year-old spent 10 minutes this morning telling me why she deserved to have a cookie for breakfast. I was impressed by her attempt to reason, so I gave her the cookie. I like to pretend I am a cool mom.

I confess I convinced my child that moping the floor was a fun game. Best moment ever. Now how long is that going to last?

I confess I am counting down the days until Christmas break and it was just Thanksgiving. What can I say, my husband does the dishes on his breaks. :)



Jolene said...

Wow what a great feeling to be done by December 1st. I'm close but not there yet.

allstarme said...

LOL @ the green and yellow sweater. I support the Packers as I have Rodgers and their defense on my fantasy team. :)

Cranberry Morning said...

Rule of thumb about kids and jobs around the house: They are FUN until the kids catch on that they're actually doing work. :-)

You can sing your heart out around me. LOVE hearing Christmas carols from now through January 6 - and maybe beyond!

Kathryn said...

I wish my shopping was done too. And I think your daughter deserved a cookie for a good argument! This coming from someone who is "always right" and will argue (all in good humor) to no end, to get someone to see my reasoning :)

Helene said...

Whew, I'm so relieved....cuz I let my kids have cookies for breakfast too! I made a huge batch of chocolate chip cookies last night and it was too close to bedtime to let them have one so I promised they could have one in the morning. I thought they'd forget but they didn't. But yet they can't remember to brush their teeth every morning. Go figure.

Aubrey S. said...

Cookies for breakfast sound like a great idea. I'm jealous that you're done with your shopping. Mine is barely begun.

Have a fabulous weekend!

VandyJ said...

We have stocking stuffers to get and that's about it. Now I just have to remember where everything I've gotten so far is stashed.

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