Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Book Activities- Snowmen At Night

I have read Snowmen at Night so many times that I can tell you the story word for word without turning the pages. It is one of our favorite Christmas/Wintertime stories. 
This children's story depicts a young boy wondering why his snowmen doesn't look the same after he gets up the next morning. He then lists all of the things he thinks snowmen must do at night including snowmen races, drinking ice cold cocoa, snowball fights. 
My little girl asks for this book almost every night, giggling at all the silly things the snowmen do. We don't live in a place that ever gets snow, so she loves to read about all the snowmen that other people get to build. 

Activities to go along with the book:

After we read this book, we like to build a felt snowman, that we can build over and over again. 
If you want the pattern to be able to build your own snowman, you can get it here. It is a very sad pattern because it is before I learned to draw on the computer. :)

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