Wednesday, December 14, 2011

How to turn anything into a Christmas Tree Topper

The star or angel debate in my family is alive and well. We had an angel on the top of our tree for the longest time until my baby brother came along and threw a fit. Ever since then we have argued back and forth about what belonged at the top of a Christmas tree. Well, this year, I decided to throw all tradition to the wind and top my Rock N' Roll themed tree with an old record.

Making your own tree topper is easy and makes your tree looks more custom. All you need is a small-medium sized object depending on the size of your tree, an old toilet paper roll and hot glue. Now since my record was one of the smaller ones, I cut my toilet paper roll in half, but if you have a slightly larger object for your tree you might want to leave it in tact. Glue the toilet paper roll to the back of your tree topper and then slide it over the top of your tree. Be careful not to use an object that is too heavy or your tree will lean.
My Rock N' Roll tree is more complete with this record than it would be with a traditional star. What do you put at the top of your tree?

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