Monday, January 30, 2012

The Capriel Felt Flower- Tutorial

 I can't help but love colorful polka dots. The second I saw this fun printed felt, I knew it was coming home with me. I have a weakness for felt and fun fabrics, much to my husband's dismay. This whimsical flower, named for my darling niece, came together quickly, using hot glue and is the perfect place to use your printed felt.

You will need:
Felt, cute of course
hot glue
a center jewel or button
The first thing you need to do it cut two flowers out of the felt. Think little clouds as you make the petal. Make one of them larger and the other small.After you have the large flower, cut the center out of it. This center circle will be the base of your flower. Cutting it out of the middle saves some felt, looking at us being all thrifty.
Next take your hot glue and gather the flower, glue it to itself every half inch or so to create petals. Glue this to your center circle. Repeat with the smaller flower. Then glue the small flower on top of the bigger flower.
Glue your center onto the flower and add a hair clip or pin to the back of it. Wear your cute flower everywhere, because it why wouldn't you? :)
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