Monday, January 2, 2012

Glitter Shoes and how to make them

Apparently if you say the words glitter and shoes in the same sentence to a 9-year-old on Christmas Eve, you will find yourself, like me, racing to glitter shoes before Santa could show his face that night.

This Christmas, my wonderful parents and my nine-year-old sister spent a couple of weeks with us in Texas. As most nine-year-old girls are, my sister loves glitter shoes and begged me to make us matching pink shoes. Who can resist the idea of sparkly shoes? Not me! They ended up being super easy to make, the hardest part being just waiting for them to dry before slipping them on your feet!
You will need:
Shoes to glitter, we bought two pairs of white flats at the thrift store
Mod Podge
a damp rag (I like using baby wipes)
Glitter (It uses surprisingly little glitter after you collect the excess but you will need more than just a small container.)
wax paper
newspaper or magazine pages
Foam brush

First take a damp rag, or your baby wipes and clean up your shoes really well. Stuff the insides full of newspaper and tuck the bows in if you have them.
Place your shoes on your sheet of wax paper. Using your foam brush, coat the shoes in a thin layer of Mod Podge. Shake glitter over the shoes until coated. Allow the shoes to dry completely. Use the wax paper as a funnel and dump the excess glitter back into your container. Repeat all of the above steps at least 1 more time and maybe 2, until your shoes are completely covered in glitter. After your shoes dry the last time, cover them with a medium thickness coat of Mod Podge and allow to dry overnight. This is your sealing coat and VERY important or your shoes will drop glitter everywhere you walk.
After your shoes are sealed and dry, you can spray them with a layer of clear varnish if you want to really seal the glitter but it is not absolutely needed. Put your glitter shoes on and if you made red ones, make sure to click your heels together, because everybody knows, "There is no place like home."

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