Monday, January 9, 2012

A Memorable Bridal Shower Gift with Free Printable

Bridal Shower season is upon us. Typically wedding season lasts from March- August give or take a few months, depending on where you live, which means bridal showers are starting to happen. I usually like to give a nice gift to the couple at the reception, which usually leaves me with a small budget for the bridal shower. My husband helped me come up with this book of love and advice. Every bride I have give one has loved it. They are simple, unique and cost less than $10 to make.
You will need:
a small photo album, how much you spend on this is up to you. You can get them as cheap as $1
4x6 prints of the printable attached to this post
permission to bring the advice cards to the shower
Bring copies of the 4x6s and the markers to the shower. Have everybody right words of love and advice on them. When you get home slip them into the photo album. I always take pictures at the shower and so if I have extra spots at the end of the album, I fill it with photos from the event.
Tie a ribbon around it and you have a unique gift to give to the bride that she will treasure.
Here is the bride's dress photograph for the advice cards. It is meant to be printed as a 4x6 photograph and not much bigger. To obtain the photograph for printing, right click on the photo and save as to your computer. You can then take it to the place you typically print your photos and get copies for the upcoming bridal shower.
This gift won't take you very much time or cost you much money, but it will be a gift to remember!


Lorene (just Lu) said...

Cute! The dress would be cute for an invitation or anything bride related, too.

Jillian Nichols said...

How do I get the printable? I cannot seem to find it

Jillian Meinhart said...

How do I get the printable? I cannot seem to find it