Monday, February 13, 2012

Bath Pouf Flowers, alternative to real flowers.

In our house this year, we are looking for alternatives to our regular Valentine's traditions. I love flowers, but the honest truth is, they can be expensive and they don't last very long so this year we decided to by pass the real flowers for something a little more practical and still cute. This mason jar of bath salts and poufs is a different take of the jars I made here.

You will need:
a mason jar or vase
ribbon to tie around the edge
bath poufs
bath salt or the stuff to make your own.

I always make my own bath salts. You can follow my recipe for the bath salts found here.

Add three or so inches of bath salts to the bottom of your jar. Stick the skewers into the poufs. Add to the jar. Tie with ribbon and you have beautiful, practical flowers!

What are you do for Valentine's this year?
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