Monday, March 26, 2012

Book Page Easter Eggs

Do you remember these Book Page Pumpkins? I loved them so much I couldn't help but make some that look like Easter eggs. I think book page decorations are some of my favorite. When standing up, they look full and definitely make an impression. When you lay them down you can keep them flat so they store very small. The perfect decoration for someone who lives in a small space.
 To make these eggs, you will need:
A big book. I got mine for 10 cents at the Salvation Army
Hot Glue
Spray Paint
 The first thing you need to do is rip the cover off of the book. For a book lover like me, this is the most painful part, part of me always winces a bit when you dismantle a book for a crafting purpose. On the first page of the book draw half an Easter egg, you can see what my egg looked like in the photo above.

Start the process of cutting the pages down to that shape. I have found the is easiest with just normal scissors. I can cut about twenty pages at a time, so it probably takes me a half hour or so to cut through a book.

When you are done cutting through your book, bend the spine back on itself and decide how full you want your egg. My book was about 500 pages and I decided that was plenty of pages to make two eggs. If you want two eggs, split your book in half at the spine.
Fold the spine back on itself and hot glue it so it stays open as in the photo below. You want the egg to appear full. I found the best way to do this was to glue some of the pages together by where you glue the spine together, it help prevents a large gap there.
Then take them outside and spray paint them in dyed egg colors. I used orange and turquoise to have bright eggs, but you could easily do pastels. Make sure to spray them liberally and don't forget to spray the bottom area of the egg or you will end up with a white strip. When they are dry they are ready to display all sorts of Easter goodness.
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