Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Know What To Do with TeuxDeux

Last week when I told my husband that Lu was stepping back from Wednesdays on the Web, he asked if I minded if he stepped in. I figure anything that keeps him out of trouble is a good thing. ;) So here he is. 

Wednesdays on the Web will continue, albeit lacking the wit and creativity of Lu at justLu. Instead, you're stuck with the husband of the brilliant woman who created Housewife Eclectic.

When Lu said she wasn't going to do Wednesdays on the Web anymore, I was sad because there are so many incredible websites out there. As a middle school technology teacher, I am constantly learning about amazing new sites and am excited to share many of these services with you.

I thought long and hard about what to do for my inaugural post and the choice was clear: my most commonly used site, TeuxDeux ( ).

TeuxDeux provides week-at-a-glance checklists

If you're like me, you have a to-do (or TeuxDeux) list a mile long. Using traditional pen and paper methods or calendar apps can be slow and cumbersome, not to mention you always have to have it with you in order to know what you need to do. Not anymore.

TeuxDeux is a straightforward list maker that doesn't bother with due dates, times, who's involved or anything of the sort. All you have is a simple week-at-a-glance view where you type in what you need to do and nothing else. Plan your week out quickly and see how much you have on any given day. This has helped me balance out my weeks better.

Simply type your to-do item in the field and press enter.
Your item is automatically added to your list.

Once you've completed a task, simply click on it and a line will strike it out. If you don't complete a task, it will automatically roll over to the next day. Pretty slick.

Check items off your list when completed.

Another neat feature is the Someday list at the bottom of the screen. This is where you can store all your "I want to do it, but who has the time" items. When you do find the time, simply drag an item from the bottom to any date.

This brings me to another great feature – the ability reorder a list simply by dragging the items around.

Drag an item to move it from one day to another.

Not only is there the web-based version, but there's also a TeuxDeux app for the iPhone. It's pricey, as far as apps go, at $2.99, but well worth the money. In fact, it's the first and only app I've felt compelled to purchase.

Give it a whirl. It's so easy to use and it's highly rewarding to check all those items off your list. So, what are you going to do on TeuxDeux?

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