Monday, April 16, 2012

School Spirit Canvas

 My parents are huge BYU fans. They both attended school there and it is actually where they met. While I do bleed blue and white, it is Utah State blue and white, not BYU blue. My dad and I see eye to 363 days a year. We don't talk on the days when USU and BYU play each other in basketball or football. It is just better for our relationship. :)
Since they are such huge fans, I wanted to create something for their house, to show their spirit besides the huge BYU flag they have hanging in their front window. I went with canvas and letters. It turned out wonderful and I think they are going to be happy with it.
 You will need:
an 11x14 canvas, I had a major craft fail last year, so I decided to use that canvas
the three letter abbreviation of your school of choice
the two school colors
 Paint your canvas in one of your school colors. BYU's colors are blue and white, so I chose to repaint my canvas white. Then paint your first and last letters in the other color. Paint the edges of the middle letter in the opposite color of the canvas and the top the same color of the canvas. This will give that middle letter some pop even though it is the same color of the canvas.
Apply the bottom two letters with hot glue to the canvas, making them flush with the bottom of the canvas. Then apply the middle letter, making it flush with the top. When you are done you have a classy way to show your school spirit. Now I just have to make one for my aggies, having the BYU one hang on the wall for a picture was stressing my husband out. :)

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