Wednesday, April 11, 2012

WotW: Get in Touch with History

Lately I've been getting back into my family history and remembered a site that is a neat way to take a peak back in time. It's called dMarie Time Capsule.

This website has been around for years and at first glance it will feel like you've stepped back in time just looking at the user interface. Don't get scared off though because what it may not have in aesthetic appeal, it makes up for in function.

dMarie Time Capsule allows users to type in a date in history and get a brief glimpse of what life was like on that date. The database goes back in time to 1800, though I have found a few dates that go back even further. Truthfully, it is best after 1875.

The dMarie Time Capsule will return information about:
  • Top news headlines
  • Top songs
  • US President and Vice President
  • Academy Award Winners
  • Famous people born on that date
  • Shows on TV
  • Popular Toys
  • Popular Books
  • and the prices of common items such as gas, bread, milk, stamps, house, minimum wage, and more!
A great place to start is to type in your birth date or the birth date of your parents. Make sure to follow the date format: MM/DD/YYYY. Then press Quick Page. This will quickly return your results. Again, these results are not flashy and fill the entire width of the page, but it prints nicely, especially if you have a PDF printer installed on your computer (we'll get to that in another WotW). You can also do the Advanced Page option which allows you to really customize the search results, but it's honestly more of a hassle than it's worth.

Once the page loads, you will have the option to press Printable Version and then you're ready to save or print. Embedded below is a sample of what it returned for May 25, 1958.

Jump in your virtual time machine and take a trip back in time. I sure wish gas prices were still that good...
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