Monday, May 14, 2012

Glittered Magnet Board

Cookie sheet magnet boards are all the rage. Easy to make, easy to hang and they work great! I showed them to my daughter to see if she wanted one and with a sad face she told me they were nice, but not sparkly. Sparkly I could do. Even without glitter spray paint.
I took a Dollar Store cookie sheet and got my spray paint and glitter ready both at the same time. I coated the cookie sheet with a layer of spray paint, until it was nice and covered and then I tossed glitter on the sheet just moments later.
 After the cookie sheet was dry, I took my hand and just gently brushed off all of the excess glitter. I didn't seal the glitter on and it seems like I didn't have to. The glitter doesn't come off in clusters and is pretty secure. My little one was thrilled and I was thrilled with the minimal effort.
You know, if you run out of newspaper you can always be like me and spray paint it on the bushes. My house looks pretty festive from the front. :)

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