Friday, May 25, 2012

Shattered Glass and Crunched Metal - My Car Accident Story

Yesterday was going to be a great day. I saw a number on the scale that I hadn't seen in months. My husband only had a week left of school before he was out for the summer. It was going to be a great day.

We had been watching my friends four kids for the last week. It had been a pretty great week and their parents were coming home that day. I had big plans to drop the kids off at school and then come home and clean my friend's house for her. I dropped the three oldest kids off at school, in my friend's mini van and the pulled out of the parking lot with my 3-year-old and her 11-month-old still in the car.

I didn't make it far from the school. I was just down the road, which happened to be a very busy two lane road. Busy, small and dangerous. The car in front of me stopped suddenly to make a left hand turn. Luckily I had been watching and was able to stop in time. When I stopped I looked up in my rear view mirror and in a split second I knew. I knew the mini van behind was not going to be able to stop. She was going way too fast. I knew I had a only a couple of seconds before she slammed into me. I glanced to my sides and there was no place to go. In those quick moments I think I said the most fervent prayer of my life.

So many things happened in the second of impact. The kids started screaming. Glass shattered and metal crunched. The force of her impact slammed the front of the car I was driving into the car in front of me. A fourth car came along, seeing the accident she tried to swerve as to not hit us. She didn't hit us but she drove her pick up right into a tree in a neighboring yard.

Thankfully, my door would still open. I stepped out of the car and had to pull to get the kids door open in the back. I worked to calm down the kids. Searching for my purse to give them treats. My purse which had been sitting next to me before I was hit, was now if the back of the car. I was scared to get the kids out of the car because we were still on a busy street and cars were still trying to drive past us. I calmed them down and then took photographs of the car with my cell phone.

I tried to call my husband to get him to come home from work. I called twice and he didn't answer. This was my worse nightmare. When I thought I wasn't going to be able to get a hold of my husband, that is when I really started shaking. I have a very good friend that also works at the same school as my husband, so I tried her. She answered right away and I am pretty sure I yelled something about needing my husband. She found him and he left school immediately.

A few minutes later, the cops arrived. Five or six cop cars, a fire truck and three ambulances. They closed down the road. I stood holding two kids on the side of the road, shaking and crying. The driver of the car in front of me tried to calm me down  by telling me I hadn't done anything wrong. I knew that but I was still standing by the side of the road with two kids in my arms with my friend's wrecked car in front of me.

Then an angel appeared. Her named was Bea and she was a complete stranger to me. She had witnessed the accident and had stopped out of the goodness of her heart. She took one of the kids from my arms and before I knew it she was playing with the kids, while I stood next to her being examined by the paramedics and talking to the cops. She stayed with me the entire time. She stayed from the second the accident happened until my husband arrived. She was truly an angel. I couldn't have done it without her.

I declined getting in an ambulance, I couldn't leave the kids. Quite a few of the people from the accident had to leave in ambulances. We all ended up the ER later after my husband showed up. The kids were completely fine, just some rashes from the seat belts. I was bumped and bruised in just about every place but fine.

Honestly? I feel so blessed. Yes, I wish that it hadn't happened, but every thing that could have gone right during an accident did.
I had just dropped off the older kids. I only had the two kids in car seats with me. They were the kids most likely to be safe because of the car seats.
The car behind me came very close to hitting my child in the back seat, but it didn't
My friend has wonderful insurance and was so incredibly nice when I had to call her and tell her that her car was totaled.
I was completely stopped when the car behind me hit.
The kids are completely fine and I will be fine in a few days. We were the car in the middle. We should have been the most hurt and we weren't.
The paramedic who examined me told me almost every accident they respond to on this road usually involves fatalities, ours didn't. Even though it was considered a severe accident.
Another good friend was able to go get the older kids from school for me.
I was driving a mini van. I think in a smaller car we would have been completely munched.

All day yesterday I was able to be really positive. When we got home last night we decided to go out for dinner to shake off the day. When we got on the road, a truck got a little close to us and I started crying. My daughter woke up twice with nightmares last night. I am so sore this morning I can barely walk. I think it is finally hitting us, but I also know we are going to be just fine. We were blessed. I have never been more thankful for seat belts and car seats.
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