Monday, June 18, 2012

20 Minute Shabby Rosette Headband

Rosettes are easy and a no-sew person's dream. They require hot glue instead of threading your machine and much less cursing. I love rosettes and I have made them for just about every single one of my daughter's outfits. They are easy to coordinate to a specific outfit and don't take very long to make.
 You will need:
Two fat quarters in coordinating color
hot glue gun and glue
elastic headbands
pearl type buttons
small square of felt
 Take your fat quarter and cut about a two inch strip all the way down the long side of it.
Tie a knot at one end of the fabric. Fold the strip together, wrong sides in, so on both sides you can see the pretty part of the fabric. Then start twisting. Twist the fabric together and wrap your twists around the knot, gluing as you go. I find I can usually only go a half inch or so before I need to glue down my twist with a dab of glue.
 Repeat. You will want one of one color and two of the others. You can make more or less, just remember, everything looks better in odd numbers.
 You will need some sort of elastic headband. I got this pack of 8 at the dollar store and most of them are perfect. Below is everything you will need to assemble your headband.
 First glue the headband to the circle of felt.
 Then glue the rosettes in a triangle to the felt. The felt will help stabilize the headband and give the rosettes something to be glued to. Take one of your pearl type buttons and glue it to the part of the headband where the rosettes meet.
20 minutes later, you have a darling headband, that was affordable and easy to make. Consider going in with a friend on fat quarters so you can make lots of different colors for super cheap!
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