Monday, June 4, 2012

Felt Star Spangled Wreath

This year I have been really into wreaths. There is just something about having a cute wreath on your door that makes a holiday seem more festive. When I first saw this wreath from Capital B, I knew I had to have it. I made it fairly similar, with a few of my own changes.
First of all I picked up a Styrofoam wreath. I used the small one. I thought I was going to be sad that it was small, but honestly it has been perfect for my door.

For a small wreath you need:
4 sheets white felt
4 sheets red felt
2 sheets blue
Straight Pins
Cut all of the felt into squares. I didn't measure at all. I just cut and then cut the rest to be pretty similar.
Start by taking a square and folding it in half on the triangle and then in half again. 
Using straight pins, pin them to the wreath, as seen in the photo above. Then fill in around the square you have made with four pieces of felt.
Then alternate between red and white. I really wanted my wreath to have thirteen stripes. Since I had more white than red, I had to be slightly in accurate and use more white stripes, but I still like that it has thirteen stripes.
Leave a small section of the wreath for the blue.
Fill in the blue the same way you did the red and white, until the wreath is completely full.
Find some stars you like on the internet and cut them out. I liked the big dark stars on the page below. Use this as a pattern to cut stars out of white felt. I did five stars, remember things always look better in odd numbers to our eyes. When you have your stars, slide a straight pin straight through the middle and then push them into your wreath on top of the blue. I used straight pins for the stars because I live in a very windy place.
My wreath has held up great. It is one of my favorite Fourth of July decorations that I have up this year!
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