Thursday, June 28, 2012

Tutorial: Felt Doctor Bag

A big part of the "Real" Doctor Kit that I put together for my little girl was the Doctor's Bag. She needed something to carry all of her bandages around the house. I wanted something simple, that would be very cheap and I could but together in a short amount of time.
This cute doctor's bag needs only three sheets of felt, two black, one red and some red ribbon. Cut two strips from the red felt. The strips need to be about half and inch wide and two inches long.
Sew the cross to the middle of one of the pieces of felt.
Lay the two pieces of felt together with the cross on the inside and then sew three of the sides together. Clip your threads and leave the bag inside out for the moment.
Take two strips of ribbon that are each about four inches long. Sew one on one side of the bag in two places, a few inches apart. Sew the other ribbon on the other side, in the same places as the first side. Turn the bag right side out. Make sure to push out the corners as much as possible.
Overall this bag took me about 20 minutes and $1.50 to make. It has held up great, especially since she drags it all over. It is the perfect size for all of her medical gadgets and it lightweight and so easy for her to carry.
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