Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Healthy Chips and Salsa

Eating healthy can be hard. Really hard. It seems there are packages of Oreos staring at you at every turn, chocolate bars taunting you. One of my greatest weaknesses is chips and salsa. I always measure out a certain amount of chips and salsa, but without fail, I always find myself headed back to the bag for more chips. Once you start you just can't stop.

I wanted to be able to enjoy my salsa, without the constant need to run back to the chip back to satisfy my craving for their salty goodness. My solution? Lightly salted cucumber slices. These crunchy slices are the perfect compliment to the salsa and kept my hand out of the chip bag all together. The best part was they were satisfying and very low calorie. The perfect snack for a chip lover who is trying to eat healthy.
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