Thursday, August 2, 2012

An Olympic Snack Table

 Have you all been enjoying the Olympics as much as I have? I keep forgetting to do other things as I am glued to gymnastics, beach volleyball, swimming and even some of less watched sports. I will pretty much any sport as long as it is during the Olympics.

 For the Opening Ceremonies, we had this awesome snack table in honor of the Olympics.
 Each colorful plate rested on a paper circle. For the blue circle we had airheads, blue gummy bears, Kool-Aid bursts, sour straws, blueberry yogurt pretzels and doughnuts.
 For black there was Oreos, chocolate covered raisins, cupcakes and licorice.
 For red there was licorice, salsa, strawberries and red apples.
 For yellow, there was pineapple, tortilla chips for the salsa and lemon pudding.
For green there were grapes, kiwi and celery.

It was the perfect match for the Opening Ceremonies and was pretty healthy too! The kids loved all the delicious finger foods and of course the treats. I think every major Olympic event deserves a snack table of this proportion. How have you been celebrating?
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