Monday, August 20, 2012

Going on a Treasure Hunt with your Kids

Just a little while ago, my little girl saw her first episode of Jake and the Neverland Pirates. Ever since, everything in our house has been eye patches, treasure maps and a few tantrums because apparently you "Never say Never to a Neverland Pirate," especially when they want candy. One night before bed, if she found a treasure map it would be the best day ever and so I set out to make it happen. 
 I drew a map of our living room, my drawing skills leave much to be desired, but at least my little girl could tell what the map was (you know, after I pointed a few things out). After drawing it, I burned the edges to give it that map feel.
 Lu, made this cute treasure box out of a pencil box and silver vinyl cut with a Silhouette. The treasure box was filled with chocolate coins, jewels and necklaces. I found extra gold coins at Hobby Lobby in the party section and plastic diamonds (like the kind you scatter on a table) in the wedding section.
 We gave her the map and briefly explained how to read it and then told her to find the X.
 I made the X out of red scrapbook paper and then we put the X on top of our rug, so that she would have to "dig" to find the treasure.
 She found the x and started "digging."
After finding the treasure box, she walked around for the next few days telling everybody she was a real life pirate. We love this treasure box, in fact it is still one of our most played with toys.


becca said...

i love you did a whole treasure hunt

Yenta Mary said...

Oh, I so miss those days of believing so fervently! At Christmas, I'd make baby powder footprints leading to the tree; it helps, of course, when you live in Michigan and there's usually snow! And picking out a gingerbread man to bring to Santa, with the utmost sincerity while looking for THE perfect one. They grow up too fast, in case no one's said that to you today. Much, much too quickly ....

Lorene (just Lu) said...

So fun! I love that she loves to be a pirate :)