Sunday, September 30, 2012

31 Days Of Photo Props

Crochet hats, chairs, chalk art, the ideas for photos are seemingly endless. This year, I am participating with The Nester as she blogs 31 days about the same topic. There are few things in the the world that I think I could blog 31 posts about, but my passion is and always will be photography, so I thought I would share some of those ideas with you.

During the month of October, every day I will share a short and sweet post about something fun you can do with your next photo shoot, some will be straight up props and others will be fun things you can find at certain locations. Some days the photo post will be the only post and other days, there will be two, so to keep up with Wednesdays on the Web and such.

I am excited about this project and hope you will join with me as I spend 31 days talking about some of my favorite photography things.

Check out the other 31 dayers, here.

Day 1: Lipstick
Day 2: Towels
Day 3: Mirrors
           Day 4: Single Flowers
    Day 5: Hat Boxes
                    Day 6: Letters and Numbers
         Day 7: Crochet Hats
      Day 8: Fall Leaves
    Day 9: Pumpkins
Day 10: Cake
             Day 11: Mom and Dad
                Day 12: Alphabet Blocks
     Day 13: Religious
                      Day 14: Musical Instruments 
        Day 15: Santa Hats
Day 16: Toys
                     Day 17: Pearls and Feathers
   Day 18: Baskets
    Day 19: Cocoons
          Day 20: Chalkboards
                Day 21: Special Blankets
Day 22: Water
      Day 23: Costumes 

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