Thursday, September 13, 2012

Double Sided Fall Blocks

I love seasonal decor of all kinds, my problem is I have very limited storage space. I want to decorate my house to the rafters, but then I would have nowhere to store the decorations in the off seasons. The easiest, a.k.a, my husband's solution, would be to have less decor. My solution? Make decor work for more than one holiday.

Craft blocks are super easy to make for more than one occasion. This set of blocks is ready for general fall on one side and Thanksgiving on the other. This craft kit comes from Fab Decor, where you can buy the whole kit or just the vinyl. I love the kits because the wood comes sanded, getting rid of my least favorite step. If you want to just buy the vinyl, you will need three 2x4s in sizes 3.5", 4" and 8".
For this craft, I wanted to make the blocks two-toned. I really wanted the natural wood to show through so I took some painter's tape and taped in the center around the edges of each block.
I painted one side of each block orange and one side brown. I only did one coat of each color. I wanted to be able to see the grain of the wood through the paint.
After the paint dried, I removed the tape, giving me crisp lines of paint and a beautiful line of natural wood showing through.
Arrange the blocks so that one block is flipped around to show the opposite color. I made the block that had my turkey/pumpkin on it be the block that was offset color wise. Take a credit card and apply your vinyl to the blocks.
After you have applied your vinyl, take a few strands of raffia and make a bow. Glue the bow to the middle edge of the taller of the two blocks to give the project a completed look.
This two-sided craft will give you decor for the entire fall season. It is easy to put together and I love the cute little turkey and pumpkin.
Go here for the kit. Want to win either a complete set or the kit to make one? Enter below. a Rafflecopter giveaway


Beth Wade said...

I like Fall because it's full of change, and therefore full of possibility. I feel like anything is possible in the Fall.

Lorene (just Lu) said...

How cute! I love leaving the natural wood exposed and the two-tone. Adorable!