Friday, September 28, 2012

Striped Boo Halloween Sign

I am on a wood sign and vinyl roll. I love all the different things you can do, simply with some paint, some vinyl and a block of wood. I told myself when I embarked on my wood vinyl sign journey that I wouldn't make any two projects the same. I have two-toned my projects, glittered them, used curly ribbon and covered them in scrapbook paper. Today I bring you cute stripes!

This project is three pieces of vinyl on two wood blocks: one 6" and one 5". Although you use a 5" block with this project, you lay it on its side, which makes it 3 instead. I got my kit from Fabdecor.

Since my vinyl was purple and green, I selected those colors for my paint. I painted each block the opposite color of the vinyl I intended to put on it. The B was very straight forward. I just painted the block green and then added the purple B vinyl first and then placed the spider vinyl on top.

Since my vinyl eyes were green, I painted my smaller block with several coats of purple paint. After the paint was completely dry, I covered the block with masking-tape stripes.

Then I painted the open purple areas with black paint. You can do this type of stripe with any color, just make sure to paint the lighter of your two colors on the block first. The best way to get clean edges with masking tape is to paint away from the edges of the paint, pushing paint toward the center of the stripe instead of toward the edges, where paint can get under the tape.

After the black dries, pull off the masking tape and touch up any areas that might need it. Then apply the vinyl with a credit card.

You want to know what is so cool about this particular vinyl? The eyes glow in the dark.
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