Friday, October 19, 2012

31 Days of Photo Props: Baskets

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 I love baskets. I own more than is probably sane for anyone person. They are simply the best prop for newborns. They are basic and simple and yet they add so much to a photograph.
 In order to photograph a baby in a basket, you need to prop up the baby. I usually use towels. I fold them nicely and then lay the baby on top. If you photographing the baby without clothes, you need to lay them on their stomach, other than that, I usually lay them on their side. You can use another towel behind their back if they roll from their side.
Baskets are perfect for sleeping babies it gives you an opportunity to photograph them while they are snoozing. There aren't too many props you can use with a baby before they can sit up, but baskets give you some versatility with newborns or even the unstable sitter.


Cranberry Morning said...

Love the basket idea! And especially the first photo. So snuggly and cute! My first thought at the third photo was, 'Oh, that poor little freezing baby,' and then realized that was probably because it was cold in our house this morning and we had to build a fire! :-) Nice work, Debra.

becca said...

how cute love these

Lorene (just Lu) said...

Hey, that's my baby! so long ago... I still love these pictures :)