Saturday, October 20, 2012

31 Days of Photo Props: Cocoons

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I love baby cocoons. These darling little sleeves surround the baby, scrunching them up, just the way newborns like. They are many different types of cocoons, there are ones that look a lot like a mummy type sleeping bag and then there a cocoons that come in two pieces a little sleeve for the baby and a hat. I personally like the former. I like that the cocoon is one complete set and there aren't any extra pieces to worry about.
I own two cocoons one in a neutral color and one that is hot pink. Although I love my hot pink cocoon, I usually end up using my neutral one, just because it brings more focus to the baby. Cocoons are meant to be used with small newborns. I typically only use a cocoon if we are shooting pictures within the first couple weeks of life when baby is the sleepiest.
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