Monday, October 8, 2012

31 Days of Photo Props: Crochet Hats

 If you go anywhere near Etsy or Pinterest, you have probably seen the huge crochet hat trend in baby photography. These darling hats can be used to dress a little one up as practically anything now a days. I have bought these little hats and diaper covers pretty much every where including Ebay and Etsy and I have found all sorts of things to look for.

When I buy hats, I look closely at the workmanship. I like closely knit stitches, as they seem to wear better in the long run. I also look for yarn type, as much as I love the soft fuzzy yarns, they don't seem to hold up as well. I am lucky enough to have a wonderful Mother-in-law who crochets, but I have also bought many hats over the years. What store do I prefer to buy from?
If I am going to purchase hats, I buy them from A Chick W/Sticks. I don't say that because anybody tells me to, I just love the quality and how well the hats fit. Many of the hats I have bought from other places are way off in sizing. She is also extremely reasonable when it comes to hats and diaper cover sets. The best part of a A Chick W/Sticks is that she is crocheting to raise money for good causes. I love knowing that that the money is going to good cause when I buy. 
I typically buy hats in both newborn and 3-6 months sizes, that way I have hats that will fit whenever a family decides to do their baby's first photos. I almost always buy a diaper cover to match each hat and I have several extra diaper covers in both black and white, for pictures without hats.
One of my favorite things to do is buy hats in a gender neutral color and then add a colorful flower to the hat when photographing a little girl.
Crochet hats are one of my favorite newborn photography trends. They allow you to personalize in almost any way possible.
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