Monday, October 1, 2012

31 Days of Photo Props: Lipstick

One of my absolute favorite props to use with little girls is a compact and tube of red lipstick. If you have a little girl who is fascinated with your makeup then this prop is perfect for you. I usually shoot these picture between the ages of 3-5, when the little girls are old enough to not get lipstick everywhere and young enough that messily applying mom's makeup is still seen as a game instead of an art to perfect. 
 This prop is pretty messy and needs to be the absolute last thing you do in a photo shoot. In my experience, if a shoot is going south, this is a great prop to reach for because it is fun and brings easy smiles.

Tips for the shoot:

  •  Dress them is something you like but is probably not your favorite outfit, there is no guarantee they won't get lipstick on it. 
  • Bring a compact or small mirror so they can see themselves.
  • Buy a separate tube of red lipstick. The tube is usually pretty shot after this shoot, so don't use your favorite lipstick. 

This fun and messy prop, is perfect for the artist in your life. 

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