Friday, October 5, 2012

31 Days of Photo Props: Single Flowers

 A lot of times when it comes to photos, we have this idea that more is better. A lot of the times more is just distracting. While I love big bouquets of flowers, and had one at my own wedding, for bridal portraits single flowers are often the ticket.
A single flower adds the pop of color against a white dress that you are looking for, without distracting from the beautiful bride.
 I often suggest to a bride that she bring both a bouquet and a single flower to her bridal shoot to give variety. Often times brides think they are going to love the bouquet and end up loving the single flower shots. Variety is the key, most people, including me, often don't know they will love something until they see it.
These photos also give brides an opportunity to showcase their favorite flower. I have done these photos with Gerber Daisies, roses of all colors, lilies, and even small bouquets of little flowers. In the world of weddings, where everything is chaotic, a little simple can go a long way.
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