Tuesday, October 2, 2012

31 Days of Photo Props: Towels

 There are few things in this world that are more adorable than a little one straight out of the tub. Recreating some of those moments with a simple towel or elaborate bath scene can be some of mom and dad's favorite photos looking back, because it is so natural. We will leave the details on elaborate bath scenes for another day, and today we will just talk about using only a towel as a prop.  
 Why a towel? For starters, it is a really affordable prop. Props can be very expensive and over the top. All little kids use towels, so it is natural and very simple. I keep a variety of towels with my photography props. I have the traditional white, but I also have blue and pink towels. A little pop of color in these simple photos, is perfect in many situations.
 I typically use this prop anywhere from newborns to about a year. With a child that can sit up, I usually sit them up and place the towel over their head or around their waist. For a little bit younger child, I lay them on their stomach and then place the towel on their head. For newborns, I wrap them up like a little baby burrito.
A lot of kids nowadays have their own hooded towels, some with their name embroidered on them. Encourage mom and dad to bring their own special towel if they have them to personalize the photo even more.
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