Wednesday, October 31, 2012

WotW: A Healthier Halloween

Happy Halloween. In just a few short hours,you'll be out collecting pillowcases full of candy as you bully your neighbors into giving you a treat in exchange for not vandalizing their homes. What, never thought of what Trick or Treat really means?

Perhaps you won't be out knocking the doors, but your kids will. And when they come home they will have enough candy to keep them occupied for a year. But it won't last that long. Chances are, if your kids are like most, they will devour all the candy within a week or two.

Kids hyped up on sugar: It's a problem for parents and a teacher's worst nightmare. Trust me, I lived the dreadful day after Halloween. Sure you want your kids to enjoy Halloween, but how do you make this holiday a little healthier?

The good folks at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center have a few ideas on how to make Halloween healthier. A couple ideas include eating a healthy, filling dinner before Trick or Treating so there is less room and desire for filling up the stomach with candy. Also, have your kids divide up their candy into smaller portions and place these in small sandwich bags.

For more tips, visit They also have a sweet infographic about how much candy you can safely eat in a day. Sadly, it's not very much. I've included part of the infographic here, but to see the full thing, visit

Halloween is a great holiday, especially for the kids. As an adult, it's still fun to see the kids dressed up in their costume of choice (except for the poor kid who was forced to be a ghost for the third straight year). Of course, nobody is as cute as your own kids. That's why you should show them off.

Utah Valley Regional Medical Center has an opportunity for you to visually brag about how cute your kids are with their Halloween Photo Contest. The winner gets a $50 gift certificate to the restaurant of their choice. Not bad for just having to upload that picture of your kid you know you'll take tonight. So go ahead and enter. Oh, and have an amazing Halloween. I'm off to Trick or Treat with my little Captain America. There's a Kit Kat out there somewhere with my name on it.
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