Thursday, November 1, 2012

31 Days of Photo Props: Costumes

 In honor of yesterday's holiday, today's prop is costumes. Whenever I schedule individual shoots in September and October, I always ask if they have their Halloween costumes yet. If they do, I tell them to bring them along and we will tagged it onto the end of the session.
 I usually wait until the end of a session to slip them into their costumes, because some little ones are so happy to be dressed up like something else, even if they look really cute. I prefer to shoot costumes on a backdrop, but there is no reason a big pile of leaves can't be a great backdrop for these photos.
A lot of times, little kids had having the masks of the costume on, I usually get into position then have mom slip the mask on and then snap until the child pulls it off.
Halloween costumes are such a big part of all of our childhoods, it is important to capture them!
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