Monday, November 26, 2012

Christmas Angel Favor

 If you are like me, you need lots of little Christmas gifts. I am always on the lookout for something easy and affordable to make for the kids in my daughter's preschool class or the kids at church. These little angels are easy to make and the materials for them can make quite a few.

You will need:
Film canisters
small treats like M&Ms to go inside the film canisters
lace trim
silver pipe cleaners
large wood beads
paint (for the wood beads)
sharpie (for the eyes)
curly fake hair
hot glue gun

The first thing I do is paint the wooden bead, so it can dry. I then wrap the lace trim around the film canister one and cut it to fit. I then cut one more strip of lace trim the same size. I glue both strips to film canister, one slightly above the other. Tie about half a pipe cleaner into a bow and glue on the back as the wings.
Draw the eyes of the angel on with a Sharpie. Hot glue a small mass of hair on the bead. Take a small section of pipe cleaner and twist it into a circle for a halo. Glue on top of the curls. Glue the bead to the film canister. Fill the canister with small treats.
These little angels make the perfect little favors for a Christmas party and they are a snap to put together!
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