Monday, November 12, 2012

Forever Is Only The Beginning Twilight Shirt

 Breaking Dawn Party Peeps

Twilight. You either love it or you hate it. Or you secretly love it so your friends won't know. What camp do I fall into? I am not sure. I don't own any Twilight merchandise, yet I have tickets for the midnight showing. I guess you decide. Part of me loves it, because I love anything that gets people reading.

Today I am sharing this fabulous t-shirt that my sister-in-law made for the premiere. This easy shirt is made with stencils and spray paint, to get that vampire blood look. It has a Twilight quote on the front and the dates of all the premieres on the back. Looking at those dates it makes me wonder why all other series aren't as prompt, we have to wait HOW long for the next Hunger Games movie? Anyways...

You will need:
a white shirt
stencils, like these

red and black spray paint
a sharpie marker
cardboard pieces

Lay your shirt out with cardboard on the inside of it. Lay your stencils down where you want them on your shirt and then place cardboard anywhere you can see the white on your shirt. Hold the can 6-8 inches away and spray your letters. It is best if you have someone helping you hold down the cardboard so you don't accidentally end up with paint somewhere else. Wait for the first row to dry and then repeat with the next words of the front of your shirt.

The back of the shirt is simply done freehand with a sharpie and the red outline was done with a red paint marker. How's that for the perfect shirt to wear to the premiere, didn't my SIL do a great job? So what about you, will you be there at midnight?
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