Tuesday, November 20, 2012

How to Make A Little Girl Happy

Take two little girls, dress one up as Snow White and the other as Pocahontas. 
Add a dash of Finding Nemo, especially Bruce. 
 Make sure Mickey Mouse makes an appearance. 
 Dance through a fairy tale with their favorite princesses.
 Add a little Yee-Haw with Jessie, Woody and Buzz. 
 Watch a ginormous whale swallow Pinocchio. 
 See Mulan go from spilling tea to chopping her hair and becoming a solider. 
 Work out with the Incredibles...
 and feel the love tonight. 
Needless to say the girls were thrilled with Disney on Ice. I think we have decided to make it an annual tradition!
(I received Disney on Ice tickets in exchange for posting, all opinions are mine.)
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