Friday, November 30, 2012

Origami Christmas Trees (A Tutorial)

My husband loves origami. I have a beautiful vase full of origami roses he gave me for Valentine's Day when we were so poor he couldn't give me roses. They were packed in their own separate box on the move here because I couldn't stand the thought of them being squished. Every so often, I think he has forgotten about origami and then he surprises me with something new.

Do you remember these stars from last year? He discovered how to make me a wonderful Christmas tree using them. It is pretty simple and requires simple supplies that you probably have on hand! First you will need to make some stars. Four with 12 x 12 paper and two with paper cut down to 6x6.

You will need:
a square piece of fun Christmas paper (The one in the photos is 12x12)
a glue stick
a pencil

 Make sure your paper is square and then fold it in half.
 Then fold it in half again.
 Open up your paper and you should have four squares.
 Make a triangle fold across the entire paper.
 Unfold the paper.
 Fold a triangle fold the opposite way.
 Do not unfold from this triangle fold. Your paper should look like this.
 Now take a pair of scissors and on the two outside folds cut about half way up the fold.
 Your cuts should look similar to this photo below. Careful not to cut to far.
 Repeat on the other side. Your paper should look like the photo below.
 Unfold. You should now have four equal diamonds.
 Take one edge of one of the diamonds and fold it to the middle, kind of like when you are making a paper airplane.
 Do the same with the other side of the diamond.
 Your paper should look like the photo below at this point. Repeat with the rest of the diamonds.

 After you have all four diamonds folded into points, pull out your glue stick and glue one side of one of the diamonds.
 Slide the glued side of the diamond under the other side of the diamond. This will make the paper puff up into 3D.
 Slide a pen or pencil down the point to help push the point of the star out so that it isn't flat.
 Your point should look like the photo below. Repeat with the rest of your points until they are all 3D
Your stars should look like this when they are completed.

You will need:
Origami Stars
Hot Glue

Take six stars, four made from 12x12 paper and two made from 6x6 paper and stack on top of each other. Start with the 12x12 paper, stack one on top of another, offsetting the points to give it the Christmas tree look. Use a hot glue gun to glue the two stars together. Repeat this with the remaining two 12x12 stars and then finish with the two 6x6 stars, making sure to offset them and not stack them so all of the points are going the same directions. When you are done gluing, you should have a great little tree! This would be perfect if you need a little tree for an apartment, or just want some fun decorations for around the house!

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